Friday, December 17, 2010

Felicity Welsh

This is Felicity. She is a 4 star celeb and has a baby, although that wont matter to you cuz teh baby is not included xD

her traits are flirty, star quality, great kisser, dramatic and schmoozer. her favorites are hiphop, dim sum and the color black.





pretty much all of the CC I used comes from TSR. her sleepwear shirt and swimsuit top are both by Evie. the formal dress and everyday dress are TSR.

click HERE to download her

and please tell me what you think of her!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Isaac.

New sim for you! This is Isaac.

Isaac is looking for a nice sim (female preferably, who would wanna waste these gene's??) to spend his days with and to possibly start a family. He is very athletic and handy around the house. He is easily impressed so if you see him staring at a beautiful woman blame it on nature not him! He is also flirty but loyal....just dont get mad if he flirts with another woman here or there, he cant help it much, its in his genes! he is also a smooth talker and can talk his way into an easy friendship. His favorite food is cookies, favorite color is gray and favorite type of music is electronica. His sign is leo. So if you think this is the guy for you, just click here ;D

DISCLAIMER** NONE of the CC is mine, i just made his pretty face :D

ALL of the CC came from and MIGHT be transferrable upon download...i dont know if it really is or not.

his traits are athletic, easily impressed, flirty, handy and schmoozer if you didnt catch that in the discription.

ooookie. ENJOY! :D :D and PLEASE leave feedback!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nim the Dark Fairy

So i made Nim for Blair's Faerie Folk Competition

Here she is

The hair is Newsea and can be found at pmbd
The shirt is by Evie ( <3 )
The stockings and cheetah face paint i believe i got off of mts...

Her traits are: Dramatic, Over Emotional, Loner, Neurotic and Good Kisser

here is a link to download her HERE

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aikio Haru

Aikio was created for Evie's Unique: Kawaii modeling competition found here.

Aikio is a happy ditzy girl that loves fashion, well the whacky kind that is! She wants to become a fashion designer.

Her hair is from XM sims

and her shirt is lemon leaf.....i think? :3

but yah! enjoy!

(thanks evie for the link to the hair!!! :D )

Oh yeah, here she is for download HERE as a sims3 file

Her traits are: Clumsy, Dramatic, Excitable, Friendly, and i believe the last one is Easily Impressed. When i check i will update this if its wrong! Thanks!

hopes you like her!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Important Announcement!

Ok so i think mediafire deleted all of my files when i cleared my cache (i didnt make an account...i know, stoopid me) so if you have trouble downloading any of my sims let me know and i will re upload them! Thanks!

Amber Sims

Say hello to Amber! I made her for luciee's stereosims competition and i showed her to some other people and they told me to upload her! So here she is. This one has quite a bit of CC so bear with me....Well here are the pictures first.

Her traits are: Flirty, Charismatic, Schmoozer, Childish, Friendly.
Her LTW is to be Leader of the Free World
This is her bio that i gave her for luciee's comp: Amber is a happy go lucky type of person. She looks at life with a positive outlook and believes that if you do good to others than good things will return to you. She is also a bit childish and loves to goof around. She has a way with words and can easily make friends and move crowds of people to tears and laughter.

Here is the comp link if you want to follow it and cheer for me :D

Aaand last but not least, The CC.
Hair - by Cazy

Shirt...i cant remember....>.>

Shorts im pretty positive they are from

the necklace im pretty sure is from

and the shoes i think i might have gotten them at TSR.

Heh. just taking a wild guess on most of that shiz. besides the hair. evie gave me that link xD

anywho here is a link to download miss Amber. :9

K, i think thats everything....*submits*

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kelle Daniels - My simself

Ok so my current simself really doesnt look like me....well it kinda does but not enough for someone to compare a RL picture of me and a picture of my simself and say "yep, thats you" so i made a 2nd version! (well actually 3rd, my first version made me look... "special")

Here I am!

I usually wear my hair in a doesnt look this good but still. xD the sims ponytail looks stupid.

sorry for the bad quality of my webcam was $20.

K so there i am!

the hair is from and if its a donation hair just get it at PSMBD.

i didnt put any other custom content on, not even makeup cuz i hardly ever wear makeup.

soo...yeah. oh here is the link to download me... o.O

oh and my traits that i selected are: Absent-Minded, easily Impressed, Frugal, Friendly, Bookworm.

My LTW i selected is World-Renowned Surgeon. (i want to be a pediatrics nurse....maybe...dont want to deal with blood and gore and other stuffs...just babies & kids.. xD)